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Estate & Coin Collection Appraisals

Verbal & Written Appraisals Available

Coins & Estate Appraisals

We offer formal written appraisals for Individuals, Banks, Estates, Attorneys, Insurance,Tax Authorities and Courts. 

Our appraisers will accurately provide you with a fair evaluation including the following information. 


Current  Market Value 

Itemized list with individual prices for each item.  

Accurate grading of the coins condition

Bullion or metal value for bullion or non numismatic items

Verbal appraisals or evaluations for a few single items is complementary.  Large estates and collections are charged based on the time we spend and are quoted on an individual basis.  All appraisal fees are waved if we purchase the items. If you are simply selling your items we will provide you with a cash offer based on the current market value.


For All Your Rare Coin & Bullion Business Call Laguna Coins Today

Personal Collection or Inherited  items

Probate or Court Ordered Appraisals  

Tax or Government Authority Appraisals

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