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Competitive Up To The Minute Pricing

Bullion & Investments

We Buy Gold, Silver & Platinum Bullion & Have Earned Our Customers Trust For Many Years!

Laguna Coins is a Full Service Coin & Bullion Dealer with over 40 years of experience in the rare coin and precious metals business. Many of our customer relationships span decades primarily due to our pledge to provide every customer the best possible pricing matched with excellent customer service.  


When it comes to buying and selling Gold, Silver & Platinum Bullion bigger is not necessarily better. Larger national dealers charge buyer & seller fees on top of their commissions, which can add up to sizeable fees you pay greatly reducing your investment. Over the last 40 years we have seen national dealers take advantage of investors pressuring them to sell their valuable bullion for other types of less valuable investments mainly so they can collect their seller fees and commissions.  On one occasion, we testified on behalf of a new customer that was taken advantage of by a national dealer.


At Laguna Coins we don’t charge commissions or buyer & seller fees. We are a local coin & bullion store offering our customers the best prices based on the market without any hidden fees.

Bullion vs. Collector Coins

Investors should distinguish between Bullion Coins whose values generally fluctuate according to the current price of Gold, Silver or Platinum, And Numismatic Coins or also known as Collector Coins that carry a collector premium based on historical supply & demand. Both are great investments as long as you are charged the fair market price with reasonable fees. If you would like more investment information give us a call.

What Is Bullion?

Bullion is basically a term used for precious metals that are specifically made in forms that are meant for purposes of taking physical ownership of the metals.

For All Your Bullion & Collector Coin Needs Call Laguna Coins Today!

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